Spotlight by Geoff Tyson featuring Anna Skladchikova © 2018 Geoff Tyson Music ASCAP

Video Written and Directed by Kryštof Kalina & Givinar Kříž

“I composed Spotlight following the suicides of two of my musical heroes. It is both a conduit for my grief at the tragic losses of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and message about the reality of sadness and isolation experienced by artists in the entertainment industry.

After their suicides, I reflected on my own battles with depression. Its dark shadows can turn what should be a happy life lived in the spotlight, while achieving artistic success, into a spiral of desperation. As a performer, I wanted to show what it feels like from my point of view when I’m struggling with depression – I’m on the stage doing what I do best, wearing a painted clown smile for all to enjoy, and all the while I’m dying on the inside.

Depression is so often misunderstood and misinterpreted that even the people experiencing it don’t see it for what it is. Rather than turning the gun on myself, I release this song and video into the world as an offering, to liberate myself and to bring understanding to all of us who experience this.”

Eduard Štěpánek – Drums
Jakub Rolník – Bass
Lyrics, Music, Producer – Geoff Tyson


Music video produced by Monokl

Video Written and Directed by Kryštof Kalina & Givinar Kříž

D.O.P: Tomáš Kotas
AC: Filip Kettner
Light Design: Gabrielle Buffa
Production: Kryštof Kalina, Mike Koppe, Geoff Tyson
Editing: Jakub Blín
3D Particles: Lukáš Kosík
Compositing: Lukáš Kosík, Eric Snow
Color Grading: Kryštof Kalina
Set Design: Nina Zardalishvili
Set Design Assistent: Jiří Gross
Styling: Nina Zardalishvili
Costumes: Nina Zardalishvili

Cast: Jeff Fritz, Geoff Tyson, Anna Skladchikova
Extras: Curtis Matthews, Mike Koppe, Madina Křížová, Martin Kočka, Kateřina Kučerová, Jiří Gross, Cat

Special Thanks to:
Los Rentalos
Le Royal
Jan Moravec
Ondřej Suchánek
Mike Koppe
Damir Mihajlovic
Jelena Jakovljevic
Andrew Miller and Vagina Guitars
Dan Reed
Tabitha Colie