I’m happy to announce the release of my first instrumental guitar album,

Drinks With Infinity – Preview and buy digital downloads here:

Buy the CD click HERE!

It’s been an interesting writing and production process for me. After years of doing vocal music, shifting gears to do this style of music has been an enlightening experience.

I could not have done it without the generous help and talents of these people:

Damir Mihajlovic
Dan Reed
Daša Horváthová
Shaun Stein
Joe Satriani
Mike Köppe
Eduard Štěpánek
Ian Kelosky
Kryštof Kalina
Jelena Jakovljevic
Johnny Majestic
Andy Kandi
Andrew Miller and Vagina Guitars
Dan Arlie
Lucie García
KHDK Electronics
Chris Campbell
Martin Tidmarsh
GOBLIN Band and Crew
Karel Holas
Václav Vaňura
Ian Adam Bull
Joel Collins

And all my lovelies in Prague, and the wonderful fans and well-wishers all over the world

© 2020 Geoff Tyson Music ASCAP

Drinks With Infinity was recorded in Prague at MOPLH Studios, Čechomor Studios, and Sub Studios.

Produced and Performed by Geoff Tyson
Drums by Eduard Štěpánek and Mackenzie Hine
Vocals by Dashi
Mastered by Ian Kelosky
Artwork by Samantha Pena
Photo by Ian Adam Bull
Graphic Design by Joel Collins