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Geoff Tyson Featured in Guitar Techniques Magazine

Geoff talks about his approach to creating instrumental guitar music.

Geoff Tyson Featured in Fireworks Magazine

June 2020, Fireworks Magazine features a cool interview with Geoff, and a brilliant album review!

Geoff Tyson featured in Powerplay Magazine!

June 2020, Powerplay Magazine interview with Geoff and another glowing review.

Geoff Tyson releases his first guitar instrumental album in 2020.

"Great songs and stellar playing. Interesting production and mixing ideas too, making it all a fun musical ride.” 

– Joe Satriani

Official release July 31 on Cargo Records
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Geoff Tyson – An Afternoon with the Emperor of Sound 
by Melinda King - City Spy Magazine

"Tyson got his start in music as a kid in the bay area of California. His mom, like most moms, shuttled her kid each week to his piano lesson, but once the teen years hit, all hopes of having a classic pianist in the family were dashed. Guitar was the future for young Geoff. Tyson couldn’t get enough of playing and would hang around after his guitar lesson to have extra jam time with his guitar teacher (just some dude who gave lessons in Berkeley…that “dude” being Joe Satriani.) Tyson soon hit the local music scene with his band T-Ride and damn, what a time and place to be alive."

Geoff Tyson puts “SPOTLIGHT” on depression
by Raymond Johnston - PRAGUE.TV

The song is both a conduit for his grief and message about the reality of sadness and isolation experienced by artists in the entertainment industry, he added.

“After their suicides, I reflected on my own battles with depression. Its dark shadows can turn what should be a happy life lived in the spotlight, while achieving artistic success, into a spiral of desperation,” Tyson said.

Watch Geoff's interview for Babylon

Babylon TV follows Geoff around Prague on a cold winter afternoon.

Geoff Tyson turns adversity into new song
by Morgan Childs - Radio Prague International

Prague-based musician Geoff Tyson released his first music video in four years last month. “Spotlight” pays tribute to a handful of high-profile musicians who have recently taken their own lives. According to Tyson, it was also borne out of the musician’s own depressive episode.

Geoff Tyson featured on the cover of MUZIKUS magazine.

Stefan Segi's interview with Geoff Tyson for MUZIKUS magazine /CZ

Geoff Tyson talks about his new music video Spotlight.

by Láska for

Geoff Tyson talks about his musical adventures in Europe.

Honza Plíhal's interview with Geoff Tyson for The Frontman magazine /CZ

Geoff Tyson: An American musician living in Prague.



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